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Hijak Oscar
Hijak Oscar

Alabama, United Kingdom

Contemporary Blues / Electric Blues

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A Brief History Of Hijak Oscar

Hey, Hijak Oscar fans! Everybody knows Hijak Oscar are great heavy blues band, right? But did you know they're actually ZOMBIES? Yeah! The're the re-animated living dead corpses of The Oscar Jackson Quintet! Who are they? Check out this entry from James K Polk's Blues Almanac!

"On August 13, 1913, Gambling Steamboat The Mary Hayes caught fire and sank in the Mississipi near New Orleans. All were drowned, including the ship's resident band, the The Oscar Jackson Quintet - regarded at the time as one of the area's top combos. Local folklore has it that on the anniversary of the Mary Hayes disaster, if the wind was right, one could hear ghostly rag time drifting across the waters. In 2004, following the flooding and devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, the wreck of the Mary Hayes was dragged to the river bank by the broiling waters, making it visible for the first time in almost 100 years. No bodys were found - all except for those of the Oscar Jackson Quintet, whose skeletons were found incredibly well preserved, and, so they say, still clutching their instruments, mid many musicians working in the deep South at the turn of the century, there were some dark rumours surrounding Oscar Jackson and his band, including a suppossed pact with the devil. The mysterious preservation of their skeletons has of course been cited by some as proof of this unholy alliance."

Yeah! And then the CIA took the skeletons to their labs in Washington and cloned the band using DNA samples, forced 'em to play 'Till The Saints Go Marching In' day and night for kicks, until the confused zombie band couldn't take it no more & they busted loose, escaping to York, England & re-naming themselves Hijak Oscar..and now spend their time DESTROYING YOUR MIND with SATANIC BLUES DEATH STOMPS! Hooray!

"Hijak Oscar are the band you'll meet at the cross roads and without a second thought sell your soul for." (The Talk)
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