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Heart of Punk
Heart of Punk

England, United Kingdom

Punk / Post-Punk

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Heart of Punk started out playing together at Sediment Ponds Comprehensive in east London as a way of avoidin' physical education lessons. Lead singer Nathan 'Nafe' Jefferies liked shoutin' a lot so he got his mate Ahmed 'Belter' Bhatto to have a go at bangin' on the drums becoz as Nafe said it was a better occupation than some of the crazy ideas that Ahmed's uncles were putting in his head. Later on they saw little Alfie 'Legend' Langerhorn bangin' his head against the locker door in frustration and anger having been made to run three laps of the pond for flippin' the bird at his PE teacher, and Nafe and Ahmed both instantly recognized that the lad had both rhythm and a full bottle of teenage angst, so they borrowed an electric guitar from Nafe's cousin Eddie who had bought it at a local pawn shop but lost interest when he discovered illicit substances, in fact not only did he lose interest, but he probably forgot he even had it, he was such a crackhead, so it wasn't hard for Nafe to nick it. Alfie soon learned to play C and F and the band was away. Finally Nafe hooked up with Erica 'Bobo' Obobo who used to be a good girl until she got harassed off the cheerleaders squad coz the fat white girls were jealous of her long gorgeous legs. Driven to rebellion, Bobo got multiple body piercings in places even the medical profession know little about, took up bass guitar, seduced Nafe, and joined the band. Heart of Punk are managed and produced by Pete 'Nine Knees' Ninnes, who also writes their songs based on his facile observations of punk life n times mated with an overly fertile imagination. Or as Nafe said in a recent interview with radio 5-PUNK: "'E's just full of crap".
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