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Hazy Hamlet
Hazy Hamlet

Paraná, Brazil

Heavy Metal / Rock & Roll

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Classic, raw and punchy Heavy Metal, is what can be found when listening to Hazy Hamlet. Aiming at the roots, the group seeks in vintage hard/heavy bands from 70s and 80s inspiration for its music, timbres, attitude and a great passion for valved amps. Its lyrics approaches epic themes, death, war and praise to Heavy Metal itself.

Conceived in 1999 as a Power Metal band, in Maringa, Parana, south of Brazil, Hazy Hamlet has suffered some line-up changes, having by the year of 2001 recored and produced demo-CD Hazy Tales. Even with a modest production and a bad sound, this first material has granted good reviews in national international territory. In 2003 the band released Revelation EP, and in 2005 - reduced to a quartet - an online single called Chrome Heart, material which kept granting excelent reviews from different places worldwide.

After some difficult years and a new change, Hazy Hamlet - integrated by Arthur Migotto (V), Julio Bertin (G), Fabio Nakahara (B) and Cadu Madera (D) - has achieved a new important moment on its life. Fidel to the roots, and proudly sounding more classic and dated, the group is has released its first full-length titled Forging Metal in 25.04.2009, and can finally watch its banner waving triumphant with a new lemma: "Proud to be Loud!"
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