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Harley Flamez
Harley Flamez

Florida, United States

Indie Rock

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I'm 33 yrs young this september that makes me a libra.i have been writing songs since i was a kid but i never was able to just show them to the world as i am tring to do now so i hope you enjoy them.I am a very versitile singer/songwriter i like to think i have got something for everyone.I am a mother,lover and a friend.I am from milton florida just 20 mins from pensacola.I am a lover of nature and laid back open minded people,my influences are made of so many but heres some to name a few,janis joplin,kristy lee,steph.calahan,madonna,danzing,rob zombie,jewel,britney spears,steve perry,stevie nicks etc the list goes on and on and on. heres my links ck em out thanx well that sums me up for now hope you enjoy my music ,blessed be!
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