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gurasng gurasng
gurasng gurasng

Arkansas, Australia


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Hunan Liling AWT Separation Technology Co,.Ltd is located in southern part of industrial park,Liling city which has been famous ceramic cultural and historical city in China.Being supported by highly qualified experts and professors specializing in chemical ceramic packing development and design, and experienced engineering technicians, we are able to design and produce products and equipment on customer’s special technical requirement, as well as offering complete sets of service for whole project including tower revamp, engineering design, equipment installation and plant start-up.
The main business of Hunan Liling AWT Separation Technology Co.,LTD include the manufacture of ceramic structured packing and ceramic tower internals such as ceramic distributor , ceramic support plate, ceramic collector and and other kinds of of customized acid-resistant and alkaline-resistant ceramic products used in petroleum refining, petrochemical, metallurgy and environmental protection fields.
Based on strong technical resources and best service, Liling AWT Separation Technology Co,LTD has been aiming to supply high quality products to all chemical-oriented enterprises all over the world, AWT’s products with highly recognized trademark of CERAPAC has been enjoyed high reputation for stable and high quality in Europe.
By means of continuous technological innovation and active research, Liling AWT Separation Technology are looking to develop worldwide markets for its products and look forward to developing its international acceptance as a world leader in the industry.
China Ceramic Structured Packing For Glass Column manufacturers
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