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Connecticut, United States

Alternative Country / Singer/Songwriter

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GuessSongs was founded by Pete Perrino, Robert Campbell, and Sam Pagano with the goal of collaborating to write original songs and look to other musicians to present them to the world.

ADHD meets OCD is our compilation of some of those songs. Words for some of the songs can be found at

Pete; on bass, drums, rhythm guitar and keyboard, brings a solid voice and wonderful sense of rhythm to our efforts. Sam; on rhythm and lead guitar, keyboard, and vocal harmony, helps create meaningful riffs, and chord progressions. Sam also wears the engineering hat and created the artwork for ADHD meets OCD.

Robert Campbell helped songsmith some of GuessSongs' early efforts before moving on to explore other musical genres.

Eileen Marchetti is a guest vocalist/songwriter adding her talents to our music. John Widgren sat in and made his pedal steel sing on several of our songs.

Pete, Robert, and Sam, met with the help of a mutual friend, Rick Walsh, to play music. At first, we learned and played cover tunes. Somewhere along the way we decided to write original songs using universal life situations as our starting point, mostly relationships (good and bad), that we all experience.
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