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Virginia, United States

Industrial / Hard House

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The history of the band started in year 2000, when two Broxtowe College alumni – Jury and Cat – who lived in Derby, UK, decided to form a live dance music band called FDJ to perform live music in nightclubs. Featuring Jury on guitars and keys, Cat on bass and drums, they were playing a mixture of drum & bass, rock and house in various clubs around the East and West Midlands and released an “EP” called Matrix on a small label “Wind Records”. The band later changed its name to Gravitator and was touring intensively throughout the year 2000 and in year 2001 released the single “Persian Sky” and the LP “Reallucination” on Silverscope Music - the label of former UK Warner producer Richard Rogers. The band had quite a big success on the dance music scene and was constantly invited to play in various venues, it was featured on Radio 1 Undiscovered, XFM Unsigned and USA4Real Radio. Apart from the band work, Jury Glad was working with Italian band “Sushy Band” (their album “Nota dopo nota” will be released soon on EMI) as well as French modern jazz band Sarah Lenka. After the period of break, been influenced by what is happening in the world, Gravitator moved to the USA (Fairfax, Virginia) and started recording their new LP “Democracy Tanks”, which is drawing attention to hot topics, such as recent (and possible future) US war campaigns, homosexuality and cyberworld. This record is one of the few releases protesting against the war, Islamophobia and commerciality in the modern society. The album sounds much heavier and rockier, combining the spirits of house, and 80s Synthetica with heavy guitar riffs and eastern music, reflecting the things that are described in the songs. The album is available on iTunes now (see link on the left side of the page) and the tour is planned for the end of this year.
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