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Grand Harmonic
Grand Harmonic

Michigan, United Kingdom

Rock & Roll / Indie Rock

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The music started with their dad who achieved chart success in the 60's with a band called "The Cheetahs". Successes included 2 Top 40 UK hits and NO 1's in 5 countries including Russia, Australia and Poland. They even appeared on the front cover of NME 5 times between 1964 and 1965. He handed down a family guitar (70 years old) to Nat who in the last year has written over 30 songs on it, and even invented a tuning so that it can still play.

A lot of famous people are in the network including Ozzy and Sharon (old family friends), Robert Plant (who used to borrow the family guitar), Slade, Wizzard, The Moody Blues and even Rod Stewart.

Grand Harmonic have mainly been compared to The Pixies and Pumpkins, although Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross has also been mentioned, alongside Belle and Sebastian and The Mekons. “Undone” and “Bring Your Friends” have both received airplay recently, and the band have also been featured on XFM and BBC Radio Kent.

Recent shows include - MINISTRY OF SOUND

Recent radio includes: BBC Radio Kent, XFM, Teamtalk Radio (Asda FM), Fames Games (FM), Awesome Radio, Overground Radio (US), New Artist Radio, All Indie Radio

The Gear – GRANDAD (a 70yr old Spanish acoustic guitar), Ibanez 1976 semi acoustic, Shaftsbury 1962 semi acoustic, Fender Telecoustic, Yamaha 1972 acoustic, Fender Strat, Fender Jazz (bass), Marshall Jcm900, Hughes & Ketner


I absolutely loved the start with the mellow guitar and drums, and the only way to describe your voice is WOW. It was so unique and I could feel every single word you sang. I really hope you make it as I loved it, I will be watching you for the future. A truly amazing track, well done.

Nice. Definitely one of the better songs on here. Extremely relaxing, the vocalist sings it very well, and the strumming guitars are really good. The chorus is quite catchy.

The Perfect song for the mood I'm in. Very competent music skills and a lovely melodic track

Enjoyable track, nice and mellow. Thought provoking words, and beautiful, clear guitar lead. Nice memorable chorus, in fact my husband is singing it in the kitchen now! Reminded me of the Tindersticks.


This is excellent. A really fine song, well performed, arranged and produced, with a delightfully biting lyric. Builds and falls beautifully. If I heard this on the radio, I‘d really want to know who it was, because it totally leaves me wanting to hear more. With material this band could certainly make it. (They’d make it into MY CD collection, anyway!) Nice one!


If your Dad, who has been on the cover of the NME five times during the ‘60’s passes the torch or in this case a bunch of beautiful old guitars you have to carry on that family tradition and Grand Harmonic are doing just that their warm, laid back song craft has touches of Belle and Sebastian and The Mekons


Style: Pop/Blues

Adjectives: Emotional, crepuscular, slightly decadent and melancholic

Description: Marvellous pop bathed in sun's rays of serene emotion

Compositions: (Very) Good

Sound: Personal
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