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Gauteng, South Africa

HipHop / Rap

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Art is a means for humanity to try and make a sense of reality. GraffiArts is the embodiment of Art expressed through music. Music in this sense is a form of communication and this GraffiArts’ role as a multifaceted Musician. He communicates using writing through song writing, verbally through studio recording and physically through performance.
Art cannot be confined by borders; as such Yoso is keen on becoming a Global Citizen. This will be achieved through innovation and experimenting with as many sounds as possible. Therefore GraffiArts is the resident musician of the Global Village.
Art is very influential especially in the 21st century therefore the Yoso Brand also represents social responsibility. This will be done by aligning with great causes because music can make you an influencer and all influencers can be leaders.

Hip Hop is a means for GraffiArts to express what is in his mind. GraffiArts accredits his love for music to the hip hop genre; it is from listening to hip hop that first considered doing music. As such if music is language hip hop is GraffiArts’ mother tongue.

To Balance one’s mind one needs heart. RNB and Pop are means for GraffiArts to do just that to express his emotions. This is a means for his singing to truly represent the art that is in his heart. RNB and Pop give GraffiArts a means for him to let the world in and connect with them on a deeper level.
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