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Singer / Songwriter Margot Blanche is not your typical NuSoul artist. This culturally eclective, young, vibrant lady (French-Fillipino by birth, raised in Hong Kong) is worldly and classically trained. Her innovative songwriting and rich, full voice are fed by her immediate experiences, as well a slew of musical influences: new, old; here, there. Artfully, she translates all things she has lived and heard into catchy, candid songs.
Imagine Billie Holiday brought back to life to hit up clubs on the Lower East side, seducing listeners with truthful, rhythmic words. Blanche is not only blessed by her gifts, but by her drive, making all artistic decisions on her soon-to-be released debut album. Heads are beginning to turn as she lands exclusive interviews and features with magazines such as Unsigned Review and Skope Magazine. Her music has been included in a slew of exclusive compilations, most recently on an album released by Acoustic Fuel, featuring music that empowers women. You can catch Margot’s music on a variety of podcasts and stations, like QFM 94.3 – showcasing Soul/RB artists from over 100 countries. For her next trick, Blanche has assembled a stellar live band, and will begin touring NYC venues. Blanche’s prodigal skills will undoubtedly grow as she herself grows, learns, and lives. Keep your eye on this exquisite talent, whose delightful music manages to transcend time and genre.
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