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Gordon Earl
Gordon Earl

San Leandro
California, United States

Adult Contemporary / Smooth Jazz

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Gordon Earl is an emerging songwriter, and fantastic saxophonist known for his big pure tone and lightning speed. While his music genre is pop rock, its infusion with classical instrumentation, complex rhythms, and modal jazz qualities makes his body of work appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Two of Gordon Earl's songs received honors in the 2007 and the 2008 Billboard World Song Contest.

His first album, released in July 2006, is called Big Questions. Favorite pieces on Big Questions include What Your Teacher Told You, How Could It Be, All Wrong, It Isn't Fair to Me, Do Me A Favor, Hope and Pray, Came Home Late, and the ground breaking politically charged song, The Database.

Gordon Earl's second album, new this year, is The Answers. This release features the songs Corporate Tool, Save The Universe, Hear The Kaboom, Who Are You People, Drive With Me, the namesake track The Answers, and Fly to Paris.
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