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Good Fortune Band
Good Fortune Band

Long Beach
California, United States

Rock / Blues

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Good Fortune Band came together much as the name implies. Erich Munzner (of the Bone Daddies), packed his bags and headed back to his native Southern California from Spokane WA in 2002. By 2003 he had met up with bassist Nate Morefield (Vipers, American Jesus, Finess Tasby, Blues BBQ) and drummer Rick Elliot (Otis Rush, Walter Trout, etc.). Shortly after the release of their first album, Soul Voyage, guitarist Kevin Cash joined the group. Due to other obligations, Nate Morefield left the band in December, 2006, and was replaced by Gare Crite (Pat Boone).

Today's GFB boast a sound that only comes from the years of shared experience the group possesses. With influences ranging from Blues and Swing, to Country and Reggae, GFB is a crowd favorite at venues all over Southern California.

GFB's most recent accomplishment is the release of their second CD, So Called Life . The sound of this latest effort is uniquely GFB, with a fresh combination of funk, early R&B and blues-based rock.

Weather it's on stage in front of festival crowds or unplugged at a local bar or coffee shop, Good Fortune Band continues to excite new audiences all over California.
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