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Gods 'n' Gurus
Gods 'n' Gurus

St. Augustine
Florida, United States


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Gods 'n' Gurus are a trio of independent rockers hailing from St. Augustine, FL. Their sound is derived from an unusual intermixture of rock influences from the '60s to the present. The band possesses the ability to lob a song at a listener like a magnificent, slow-moving psychedelic Frisbee, or hurl it at them like a fast-moving freight train. Their latest release, HAPPY ANIMOSITY, was single-handedly produced, engineered and mixed by long-time Korn engineer, Scott Tatter, and mastered by Michael Davis at Digital Audio Post, Inc. in Nashville, TN. The end result is a thick, powerful studio recording that is far more representative of the bandís live sound than much of what has come before it and hints at influences ranging from The Kinks and The Cult to Primus and Velvet Revolver.
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