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glen shaffer
glen shaffer

West Virginia, United States

Rock & Roll / Blues

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Glen Shaffer is a high energy singer-songwriter musician. He was born in Grafton, West Virginia and grew up around Bridgeport and Clarksburg. Glen is a self-taught guitarist with a unique style, boundless energy and unstoppable enthusiasm. Riding a wave of destiny, whether it be tidal waves or smooth sailing. His charm and charisma shine through the aura that surrounds him.

Glenís love for music started at age of 3. He was playing guitar at the age of 10. By the time he had reached 13 he was playing lead guitar and backing up bands on the local bar scene. Growing up fast and displaying a natural gift for music, there were no more standing on the sidelines, he has now become the front man.

Right out of High School with the suggestion of a friend Glen flew out to Nashville. One week and a few gigs later he was living there. Finding the Nashville scene not quite as inviting as expected there were definite moments of sacrifice, loss and poverty. Within two years he finally made some solid connections. Life was moving ahead faster than planned he was now playing sideman again, but now for country music artists with songs in the charts.

Unfortunately Glen had to move back to West Virginia for an emergency surgery caused by an illness that was unknown to the doctors at that time. Come to find out Glen has Crohns Disease. A week after his surgery he was out playing gigs.

A year passes and he started receiving songwriting awards for song submissions all over the country. While figuring out the next step, he got a call from previous connections in Tennessee for what he thought was an open slot as a sideman gig. He was wrong about the sideman slot. This time it was Glenís time to take the spot light.

Meeting with an investor, things quickly jumped forward. He spent most of 2005 finally getting to fulfill a life-long dream of completing a record of his own, and forming a band around himself. The tables were turning in all the right directions. Signing his first record deal with Handsfull Records, A brand new look and a fully produced album. There is only one thing left to sayÖ. Hello world, meet Glen Shaffer!!
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