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Glen Maldonado and Robyn Roberts
Glen Maldonado and Robyn Roberts

Arizona, United States

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Musicians/singers/songwriters Glen Maldonado and Robyn Roberts met in July, 2005 on Yahoo Personals instant messaging. Robyn sent Glen a message saying “I have a friend who thinks you’re cute”. Glen replied with “Forget your friend – I like you – can we meet in five minutes?” Robyn said “Make it ten”, and they’ve been together ever since. Glen has been in bands almost all of his life, and Robyn began playing classical guitar at the age of 14. Glen’s lead guitar has been compared to Gary Moore with a touch of Steely Dan, and his voice has been dubbed as “almost Glenn Frey mixed with Joe Walsh”. Robyn's vocal sound has been described as smooth, relaxing and serene, coming from a very deep place. Glen and Robyn’s “down-to-earth” sound mixes blues, rock, country, folk and biker. If you like to feel a “good groove”, then load them on your iPod.
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