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Getu Hirpo Begna
Getu Hirpo Begna

England, United Kingdom

Pop / Dance Pop

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Getu Hirpo (Mr Begna) also known as Gates is a very intelligent, talented versatile and creative musician: - A music college graduate singer, songwriter and performer. He is also an entrepreneur. Getu is originally from East Africa, Ethiopia. He's been residing in London UK since 1990.
Getu had been performing music as a lead singer for 4 years with an Ethiopian group called "Yared" before he went to college to diversify his talent. His goal is to make a major breakthrough in the music industry globally with his own brand new style (New Sound) which is a winning combination of African and Western popular music.

Getu is currently working on his music project from home. He has been writing various kinds of popular music for a long time and he is now ready to start recording in a studio. He is looking for professional and established producers or engineers who are willing to invest in the recording costs on condition that he pays them back when he starts selling
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