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geometrydashapk sdsd
geometrydashapk sdsd

sr nagar
Alabama, India

Contemporary Blues / Country Blues

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September 30th, 2015: Robert Topala places the very first teaser for the redesign. Another four legged gamemode, taking following a creepy crawly is demonstrated by the image. This could be following the robot, with doubtlessly a second energized mode.
October 29th 2015: Robert Topala places the next geometry dashboard 2.1 WIP image on Twitter. This image shows that another bit taking after magma and rock and two new symbols for the solid shape. The primary symbol appears to have three colors. crimson that is auxiliary vital dark, and an orange glow. The second symbol is by all reports making on the default option trail plus it could appear that it’s an alternative shading from its auxiliary and vital colors. This may mean that you polish to a different shading and can alter your trail.
Other significant options that come with the game incorporate a level editor which allows users to customize amounts to play with their selection, plus map packs may also be accessible, at the same time as levels made by users secret coins along with lots of icons. This can be a platform game which now has 2.1 degrees and each of the phases is emphasized because it’s its own background music.
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