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Gene Gregory
Gene Gregory

Maryland, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Rock & Roll

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Gene Gregory - Acoustic Guitars / Vocals

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When listening to the music of Gene Gregory one can easily realize and hear the various styles and genres that he has played or dabbled in, including heavy metal, psychedelic, progressive and classic rock. This is the Gene Gregory that we know today, a performer whos music and lyrics are inspired by artists such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

Hailing from Baltimore, the lyrical content of Gene's music has been described as soulful and powerful. Couple that with his dynamic, percussive power and command of the guitar and he is unstoppable. Gene has won awards for his musical talent, having received his first award during his tentative years in high school as the "Most Versatile Musician".

He has toured, playing various venues and eventually found himself in Nashville recording "Face Of A Clown" & "Axis" with Art Ward at Nightingale Studios. Currently, Gene plays solo acoustically and with various musicians in bars and clubs throughout Maryland, New York, Virginia, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. He has played at the The Recher Theater, opening for Colin Hay-Men At Work but there have been many others. Most recently Gene Gregory appeared live on Low Country Live, ABC Channel 4, Charleston, South Carolina, were his music was given great reviews.

In addition, Gene continues to participate in Charity events and volunteer his time for such causes as entertaining the soldiers and sailors serving our country and sponsoring a child with Cystic Fibrosis through Project Child Smiles.

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