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Gavin .
Gavin .

Tennessee, United States

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GAVIN, who is he and where did he come from? Back in 1993 a young man from southern California spent his spare time writing country tunes, influenced by the likes of Marty Stuart, Garth Brooks, and Travis Tritt. Performing for family and friends, he was often told he had what it took to make it to the big time. “Go to Nashville,” they said. “Music City, USA. If there’s a place for you in the business, it’s there.” Taking on the stage persona of “Travis Brooks”, he did just that. It wasn’t easy. There were some stumbles, not the least of which was the moniker, an awkward amalgamation of his favorite artists. Influences and roots were only to be expected, but a unique name for a unique style was needed. Thus, Gavin was born. Then there were the expected difficulties of making a start in a city filled with broken dreams. He worked (and still works) straight jobs to sustain himself between gigs and to finance a growing in-house studio, with superior computer skills contributing to a web presence that grows each week. His songs can currently be heard on Myspace, DigitalRodeo, MusicNation, and Garageband, where they’ve received plaudits from casual listeners as well as serious artists. An unusual and potentially huge opportunity came his way not too long ago in the form of the Nashville Star television program. Amongst all the assembled talent, Gavin made it as far as the Regional Finals, itself an honor for a Southern California boy with a dream. The dream lives on. With his first studio album, This Love Can, almost complete, Gavin seems poised on the brink of stardom.
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