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Gangsta Thab
Gangsta Thab

Ohio, United States

HipHop / Rap / Rhythm & Blues

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HOL UP..HOL UP...Yo, wat up with all that window shopping you doing? WTF is you holding out on? Get you the beat you need, hurry and burn that demo out and get ya damn Deal! WTF!! Promote that bitch like you never did before !! Go, off line, Man I got hot shit I know this..I'm paid. I make beats gangsta. I make that shit happen. I rap too but fuck that, I'm tired of doing everything. You cop the beat for $25, put on ya demo..err..sorry..mixtape or whatever you wanna call it....lookin azz.....And put it in dey earS!! Shits easy really. I had these beats up here for a day and they ain't went nowhere yet? WTF is ya'll doing? Shit really if you ain't gone use em' to get signed and get heard get the money rolling in....shit you lost gangsta. Meanwhile...Niggas such as K. Riley, and Swag Team Ent. Shit, Boogi , J.Bill$ The Union....shit they cop my it up, burn it out, sell em' out, perform a couple shows take a couple trips, get paid, keep it moving. Shit ya'll internet niggas is slowing the process down. I already marked em down to $25 a beat! Just to get more customers.! Wtf yo my head hurts from giving the game to you dudes! Sorry..I just don't like slow don't make sense. Top Quality beats but no body using them to get rich off of? I don't get it.
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