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LONG AGO feat Russ Shanks
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LONG AGO feat Russ Shanks
Christ Affiliated
Christian HipHop / Rap
Length: 5:07
On Network Since Jun 1, 2011
SongVault Certified Artist G-GANG

Virginia, United States

Christian HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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God's Gang is a powerful ministry in which two brothers, "Mr.Soul Boy Swagga" and "Da Champion's Kid", spread the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST in a dynamic way. These two powerful brothers are thorough for the LORD and have learned not to compromise with the ways of the world. The ideas of the ministry/rap group were drawn up back in May of 2009, but didn't officially begin until mid July of 2009. These young brothers have a powerful testimony of how GOD delivered them from death, serious prison time, and the streets. Their music is truly blessed and empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT. They represent nobody but JESUS CHRIST, thats why they scream," We draked out and drippin covered in da BLOOD OF CHRIST from our head to our tippy toes, 24/7, G-GANG ALL DAY!". THE MISSION is to harvest souls; promote the kingdom using music as a tool of spiritual warfare, to penetrate the atmosphere, that they may break down enemy strongholds and shift terrains; to shake up the sleeping churches and bring them into the movement of "out of the box, but not out of the will" outreach that will bring about a David like faith, uniting the Body, not inside the territories of religion, but into the wave in which God is moving to shake up the nations. THE VISION of G gang is to have a fulltime ministry doing outreach localy, nationaly, and internationaly; To aid in the harvest of billions of souls.
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