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Funky Metal Hip-Hop
Funky Metal Hip-Hop

Ohio, United States

Alternative / Various

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I'm Mark Anthony (the comic).

I've been doing stand up comedy for almost 20 years but I've been doing music, in my spare time, for about seven. I'm more of a computer nerd than a musician but I LOVE to put the music in my head on tracks (thank you Bill Gates and Steve Jobs). All the songs are a mix of samples and of me actually playing. Most of my songs are instrumentals.

I don't sing a note on these tracks (I'm not that brave yet).

The complete first album (FUNKY METAL HIP-HOP! The Bruce Lee album) was accepted by, and used by, Cartoon Network for it's 'ADULT SWIM" late night programming. It has also been used by Blazic Designs (an advertising agency) in Las Vegas. And, my music is being used in a comedy production that's taking place, in the Fringe, in the UK.

People have been bugging me to put out my music on the web again so-WHA LAA! I like my music but I didn't know if anyone else would.

I guess we'll find out together.

I like alot of different types of music and it's reflected in the music I make ( If you ever saw my comedy, that makes alot of sense). My mom LOVED the Blues, my dad LOVED old Motown. I listened to KISS, Queen, Led Zepplin as much as I listened to George Clinton, James Brown, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

The best way to discribe my music is-If Timberland and Fall Out Boy got DRUNK over the weekend with Toby Keith and Lil' Jon and had to sleep it off at Prince's house, THAT'S FUNKY MEATL HIP-HOP!

To me, music is more than hit records (DON'T GET ME WRONG! It's not like I wouldn't want one). It's about a FEELING, an EMOTION. It's about touching someone to make them feel SOMETHING! To me, that's when music is doing it's job.

I offered my first album on my old website (COMEDYBOY.COM) 4/FREE a year ago. My next album is on sale NOW on this space. I always hear people talk about how hard it must be to make music like it's some big mystery. Trust me, in 2007, music isn't a great secret to unlock. All I have is a love for music and a PC.

If I can do it, ANYONE can do it.

Thank you very much. I really hope you like it.
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