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Function in Disfunction
Function in Disfunction

Uusimaa, Finland

Indie Rock / Hard Rock

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Function in Disfunction was founded it’s recent form during fall 2007 when singer Levis joined the group.

During winter songs called “Sick old Jack”, “Everepousing” and “Amazon Cult” got their final spice and those tracks were recorded summer 2008 in a backyard studio in Helsinki.

Shortly after recordings Function in Disfunction shot their first musicvideo “Sick old Jack” on a coutryside and video was edited after six months during winter 2009.

Function in Disfunction went to studio again fall 2008 and they recorded in 10 hours their next three songs “Katharsis”, “Guantanamo Bay” and “Forssa”. These songs were so good that Function in Disfunction was played on the radio, “Forssa” was nominated Song of the week in finnish musicwebsite and they got gig from one of the best rockclub in Finland.

Function in Disfunction has recorded six songs their first release “Malfunction” and they will record more during spring 2009.

Join the Function! Do the Function!
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