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Fritz Schultz
Fritz Schultz

Texas, United States


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My father played harmonica & sang the blues. On my mother's side my grandfather was a working cowboy and his favorite was Ernest Tubb, so growing up I was influenced by all the early country singers.

At about 9 or 10, I was captivated by a neighbor playing some old rock & roll tunes. I knew then I had to have a guitar. It was the sound of the strings.

My first guitar lessons were actually lap steel but I didn't want to lay the guitar on my lap, I wanted to stand up and play like Elvis.

I ended up playing in a rock & roll band all the way through high school but we did a lot of John Lee Hooker tunes as well, I guess because The Animals did them, so did we.

After high school I ended up in Florida in a 4 piece acoustic band called " Fat & Happy". We did a lot of Crosby Stills Nash and Neil Young. The band was headed up by Michael Dan Ehmig, an extremely gifted songwriter and singer that influenced me to start writing more. After this band split up I played solo for a while. I ended up in California Mountains doing a duo with Michael Dan in a place called the Golden Elk. We played originals and country such as John Prine & Hank Williams.

I have been writing & performing all kinds of music such as rock, blues, country & Christian since then. I finally wrote & produced my first CD in 2005 called "First One To The Bank" which turned out to be a great success.

I have performed at local venues, out of state venues, Reunion Arena & the Bronco Bowl.

Currently, I am in the process of writing songs for another album and work as a guitar instructor in McKinney, TX in the evenings. I have been teaching guitar for lessons for over 25 years.
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