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All Songs Angels and Monkeys Emerge
Copper Sky
#50 in International SongVault Certified
Copper Sky
Length: 4:31
On Network Since Feb 16, 2009
Baikal Lake
#518 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Baikal Lake
Angels and Monkeys
Length: 4:24
On Network Since Aug 16, 2009
4th Density
#9 in Freeform SongVault Showcase
4th Density
Angels and Monkeys
Length: 3:28
On Network Since Oct 31, 2009
SongVault Certified Artist Freedom

Colorado Springs
Colorado, United States

Ambient / Worldbeat

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"Tranquil, exotic and professional, these are a few adjectives I would use to describe every track by this artist. They say every picture tells a story. but in this case, it's a musical pictorial. Every song I heard on this list displays a visionary mood. I was overwhelmed with the places I visited in my mind, no drug on this earth can achieve that trip with the ease that these songs did. "Patience" stands out from the crowd only because it was the one place I needed to visit at this writing. This music is so expressive and polished, I couldn't say that at any given time, I would rate one over another. Every track is a unique journey from beginning to end. Soothing, yes, very soothing. Blissful, meditative music to ease a frazzled universe. I could get lost in this music all day and nearly did. Although the tracks are all of a pastoral nature, they are not by any means the same, the directions and melodies are creative individual pieces that stand on their own. Vocals, instrumentation and moods vary from track to track. The choice is yours to go where you choose, and the name of the band encompasses that fact. "Freedom" could not have chosen a better moniker for themselves, nor better song titles to describe the flavor of the chosen songs. Whether it be a ride through the swamps of a rain forest, a dance in the camps of the desert or a trip through the Amazon, you will find yourself released from your mind and transported, trance-like to another dimension of your soul. This music reaches for you, it takes you, it lets you be free. I am very impressed with this music and will continue to fly the peaceful sound waves of "Freedom" at every opportunity. Nice work, the world needs this music. "

-- anonymous -

Freedom is a project of musical expressions from guitarist Pete Collins packaged into a work entitled Emerge recorded 2007-2008.
The new 2009 work in progress is entitled Angels and Monkeys.

All music released under the Open Music License
Copyright 2007-2009 by Freedom
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