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Ford Turrell
Ford Turrell

Tennessee, United States

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"[Ford] Turrell's smoky vocals and wispy, drifting melodies convey a certain mystique, but ultimately this is an album that quietly takes hold and then proves mesmerizing in the process." - Performing Songwriter, March/April 2008

"Soft-spoken but confident, Ford Turrellís laid-back crooning propels his heartfelt lyrical jewels. The Nashville transplantís 2007 eponymous debut explored familiar territory through gently inquisitive and moody compositions, turning heads and prompting enthusiastic praise from critics and rabid fan devotion."--BMI

"Ford Turrell's self-titled debut introduces us to a talented young artist to watch. Turrell's well-crafted songs and rootsy, organic sound will appeal to fans of Ray LaMontagne or David Gray, and his poetic lyrics will have you hanging on every word. A promising debut from a promising artist." -Abby White, Music Editor Performing Songwriter Magazine

Hello Everyone- Thanks for stopping by the Ford Turrell myspace page. The songs here are from the forthcoming record, simply titled "Ford Turrell." It was mixed by Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Josh Ritter, Sea Wolf).
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