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All Songs Love, A Woman's Game
Forgettin Ain't Easy
#128 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Forgettin Ain't Easy
Length: 4:55
On Network Since Oct 31, 2010
#129 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Length: 3:32
On Network Since Oct 31, 2010
This Thing Called Love
#406 in Pop SongVault Certified
This Thing Called Love
Love, A Woman's Game
Power Pop
Length: 4:13
On Network Since Oct 31, 2010
FOB(family 0f Barry)
SongVault Certified Artist FOB(family 0f Barry)

Kentucky, United States

Adult Contemporary / Funk

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Lovers unknowingly searching for each other, crossed paths at the intersection of fantasy and dream land, each cognizant of the other, but neither one had any idea of what was going down, once their spirits met. As the wonders of an internet romance came to fruition, through the miracle that is e-mail, their spirits entwined and became as one. Intoxicated by the passion that flowed from their fingers thru their keyboards and into each others hearts, and libidos, they both found the emotional bliss, both had been seeking for decades, in a matter of timeless hours.
He found in her, all the qualities lacking in many past lovers, her invisible embrace offered him the emotional sanctuary he had sought his entire adult life. He could sense her lips kissing and sharing their sweetness in a manner most men craved but would never find. Her succulent body, thru his imagination, clung to him in an extreme carnal fashion, and brought forth mind blowing ectasy, which seemed endless.
She found in him, a combination that all past lovers lacked, as she too could feel his invisible lips feeding upon her hungry body in such a fashion that she gave herself to him totally and completely, in both his mind and hers. She found in him the fulfillment her womanhood had been seeking, forevermore.
Two strangers sharing a miraculous romantic encounter in cyberspace, blossomed into a modern day Romeo and Juliet, their hearts and spirits connected and joined in such a manner that it mattered not, that they hadn't visualized each other in the physical sense, due to love being the epitome of spiritual union, only that their hearts had formed a perfect, eternal union. Love is strange.

Step off into the surreal...
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