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Flyboy Change
Flyboy Change

Florida, United States

HipHop / Rap / Pop

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When Flyboy Change began middle school, he started writing poems. In 7th grade one of the first lines he wrote was “life is good and life is bad”. Change grew up in rough neighborhood in Miami; he saw the side of Miami that isn’t shown in the movies. He witnessed first hand the real struggle and torments of people trying to survive, and this was the fuel to his fire-run ambition.
Influenced by artists like Wu Tang Clan, 8Ball and MJG with a handful of other West Coast rappers, Change felt that music is what healed and aided us; it was a form of escapism but of also preserving history and story telling. He started on the path of becoming an artist when he realized his ability to write good songs, and connect with the people. He comes from the hood, so his audience can relate to his music on a real and authentic level. Thus his favorite part of being an artist is performing live on stage. He says that's the place where you really connect with the fans, that's where they are able to feel the music and become one with the music. Change only creates records that people truly feel, and that inspires them.
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