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All Songs Fire in the Heart
Fuego (fire in my Heart)
#4 in Latin SongVault Certified
Fuego (fire in my Heart)
Fire in the Heart
Latin Rock
Length: 3:51
On Network Since Apr 21, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Ferengata

Florida, United States

Power Pop / Latin Rock

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Artist Information

Dave Laracuente - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Songwriter
Del Aitchison - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards,Songwriter
Jose Lorenzo - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Joe Caro - Percussion, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Joanna Rose - Vocals
Summer Pfieffer - Vocals
Tammy Dry - Vocals

Debut CD 'Fire in the Heart ' currently available on CD Baby, on their website ( and in selected stores in Florida.

Ferengata delivers a refreshing, original and intelligent brand of hook-heavy, enjoyable melodic pop rock, which hints at Santana with lyrical lead guitars and rhythmic beats, and also has the influence of good solid classic rock mixed with the rhythmic variety of the islands. Ferengata is an edgy rock band that pays attention to the details required to put on an excellent performance.

David Laracuente has recently put the finishing touches on the Florida based band's new album 'Fire in The Heart'. The music that unfolds from this collection mixes a timeless brand of classic pop with updated alternative and rhythmic styles. Originally hailing from the big city of New York David Laracuente's own musical background began at a young age when his parents encouraged him to play guitar. Weaned on bands such as The Beatles and The Who from the early radio days, Dave later fell in love with the sounds of British hard rock and the sweet sounds coming out of Motown. In 1971 Dave formed his first band Spice. 'Spice' was an acclaimed success in New York and opened for acts such as the 'The Isley Brothers' and 'Patti Labelle' amongst other artists of the day. 'Spice' recorded an album for boxing promoter 'Don King' at American Star Studios (West Virginia) ... a single from that album 'Everything is you' reached #16 on the Billboard Soul Charts.
In the late 1970's Dave formed the Band 'Spring Fever' which was named one of New York City's ten most promising bands by WNBC radio and affiliates in 1980.
One of Dave's songs entitled 'Sneaking in the Back Door' was selected to be included on the 'WNBC Hometown Album' release in 1980 by DJ and Music Mogul Don Imus. After 'Spring Fever' broke up Dave went on to play as a studio musician for many recordings in some of America's finest Recording Studios including New York's 'Electric Ladyland Studios', 'The Hit Factory', and 'The PowerStation', among others. Dave continues to write a majority of 'Ferengata's' original music. He has written music for both TV and radio, including shows on 'HBO' 'Access Hollywood' for European radio and television. Dave's song 'Celebration' also continues to be played on XM radio, Sirius satellite radio and played in Concert in many European countries.

In 1999 Dave partnered with Canadian songwriter and musician Del Aitchison. Del has been playing music since the age of 5, and serves as producer, bassist, keyboardist and vocalist in 'Ferengata'. Strongly influenced by Canadian Rock, he grew up listening to April Wine, Trooper, Rush, Kim Mitchell, The BareNaked Ladies, The Guess Who, BTO, Fludd, Goddo, Triumph, and many other Canadian acts. Of course, he also has many favorite bands from the US and Europe. Additionally, Del has a love for country and folk music, including Canadians Gordon Lightfoot, Murray McGlaughin, George Fox, Bruce Cockburn and others. A talented singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, he started his first band 'Feedback' at the age of 15 when he was living in Southern Alberta, Canada. For more than a dozen years they performed in Western Canada and became regionally well-known. In the late '90's, Del relocated to Florida, and teamed up with Dave Laracuente to create the Florida version of 'Feedback' (now Ferengata). Del has had the privilege of appearing onstage with "Mark Gray (Exile)" and "Kenny Olson (Twisted Brown Trucker Band)" as well as opening for "Southbound" and "Salvador". His songs included on the new CD are "Two in the Morning" (a semi-autobiographical rocker which includes tributes to Murray McLaughlin and April Wine), "Fast Track Baby" and "Me and the Captain and Jim". Songs penned by Del have added another dimension to the variety of musical styles played by Ferengata.

Jose Lorenzo is "Ferengata's Drumcussionist". He was born in Cuba in 1973 and moved to NYC in 1980. There he grew up listening to all different types of music: Hip Hop, Latin (Cuban, Salsa, Merengue), Rock, and later Club music (House, Techno, etc.), Reggae and Jazz were part of his normal listening routine. He began playing drums in 1994 and percussion in 1996 and has mastered many of the styles of music he listened to. His playing combines technique, feeling, and showmanship. In New York, Jose served as drummer for three original bands (Birthmark, Peter's Blade, and Anomie Mind) from 1994 to 2003. Working with these bands lead to studio work from 1995 to 2002. He also appeared live in top NYC & NJ venues and Clubs such as CBGBs, Continental, Downtime, Coney Island High, Don Hill's, Maxwell's, Love Sexy, Pyramid, China Club and Club Deep, among others.

We would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to our guest vocalists on the CD:
Tammy Dry (who finished in the top 14 finalists out of 2500 entrants for the worldwide "Voice of McDonald's" competition)
George "Definite" Aber, doing the Jamaican raps on "Nerd" and "Feugo en mi Corazon".
Joanna Rose who added her distinctive lead vocals on Fuego and Rosa Maria.
Summer Pfieffer who added her voice on Fuego, Rosa Maria, Paradise and Two in the Morning.

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