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Exceptional Edward
Exceptional Edward

Ohio, United States

Indie Pop / Indie Rock

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Exceptional Edward is an indie-rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Since they began playing together in 2005, EE has continued performing at key venues around Ohio, building a loyal fan-base, and cultivating their exceptionally unique sound.

With the addition of a talented lead guitarist in the fall of 2005, Exceptional Edward was transformed from a three-piece acoustic act, to a noteworthy indie-pop force, generating a substantial local buzz and earning a reputation as energetic and emotive performers.

Drawing from influences like Radiohead, U2 and Oasis, Exceptional Edward combines elements of Brit-pop, with a contemporary acoustic feel, reminiscent of Counting Crows and Ryan Adams. The result is an original rock sound, featuring catchy hooks, infectious melodies and thoughtful lyrics, earning comparisons to industry leaders like Coldplay and Deathcab for Cutie.

In December 2006, Exceptional Edward released their debut EP album, The Exceptional EP, which was well received by both fans and critics. Tracks from the album including “There it is Again”, “Elephant” and “So Strange” have been featured in local broadcasts, podcasts, and radio markets, including ColumbusAlive, Pat Radio iChannel Music, Scratch Access and more.
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