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Los Angeles
California, United States

Adult Contemporary / Adult Alternative

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Debut CD By EverBlue Creates Major Buzz In The Music Industry

2/26/07 - Los Angeles - Not just another band from L.A., with the release of their debut CD, formidable rock group EverBlue , is about to set the music industry spinning on its ear. Described as, "A sexy, soulful and emotion filled blend of passionate singing, masterful musicianship, and memorable songwriting," EverBlue is creating a big buzz amongst the music community with their special brand of bluesy rock and roll. It's not easy to find a band as genuine as EverBlue in popular culture these days when considering all the carefully scripted rises to glory and the falls that inevitably follow careers built on hype. This California-based band is poised to go from zero to sixty by virtue of a combination of finger-on-the-pulse songs, powerful live performances and new metropolitan adult pop sound. Evidence of the electricity that is surrounding EverBlue, with the release of their eponymous debut CD, comes with the nomination for three awards from L.A.'s premier music rag, All Access Magazine.

EverBlue's "Baby's Lullaby" will also be featured in the New Music Weekly CD compilation Future Hits which will accompany their ad in this week's New Music Weekly Nashville CRS edition. "Baby's Lullaby" continues its success as it is in the Top 25 on the New Music Weekly Top 40 AC/Hot AC Main chart as well as being #59 on the Hot Top 100 Main chart. Lastly, the track has been added to 4 Top 40 stations in Nashville.

EverBlue consists of L.A. native Adam Exler on vocals, keyboards and "keeper of the flame." "I have always had a deep connection with music," says Exler , whose influences range from Stevie Wonder and B.B. King to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Upon hearing B.B. King's "The Thrill Is Gone" as a boy of twelve, Exler declares, "I heard passion and soul like I never had heard before coming from a voice and guitar, which started seeping through my veins from that day on. I have been hooked on heartfelt and genuine music ever since!"
Russell Anguiano, who hails from Culver City, CA, is the band's bass player and background vocalist. His musical influences are deeply rooted in the pop-rock vein, with acts like The Beatles, Badfinger, Elvis Costello and Gerry Rafferty.
Guitarist Nigel Taylor is originally from the Isle of Wight in the UK and also handles the background vocals. Taylor's guitar influences span from Duane Allman, Randy Rhodes and Eddie Van Halen to jazz great Joe Pass (he also digs The Beatles).
Rounding out the quartet is Mark Pohl, who delivers the drum grooves for EverBlue along with some expert background singing. Another Beatle advocate, Pohl also listens and learns from drummers such as Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Terry Bozzio and Vinnie Colaiuta.

In a recent review of EverBlue's 14-track debut CD, music journalist Alice Loweecey praises, "Adam Exler's voice - a blend of John Fogerty and Mac Powell - and the smooth, tight harmony of the rest of EverBlue make for songs that drench you in rock-and-roll like the sun on a hot August day. This is a real-world blueprint for 'How To Sweep Her Off Her Feet.' "

DJ Terri at Seismic Radio exclaims, "I love the disc! I have dubbed it alternabluesrock… The vocals are especially appealing to me; sort of a gritty, smoky, smooth and emotive quality. You guys are talented!"

Highlights from EverBlue's new CD release are the opening track "Somebody Like Me," which features Adam Exler's honest vocal delivery and tight background harmonies by the band. The acoustic vibrations and soulful balladry of "Someday" draws the listener right in, while "Sunday Morning" displays an infectious 1960's feel, replete with Dylan-esque organ and chord patterns. The tasty guitar slinging by Nigel Taylor is apparent on "No Pain," as is the band's vocal prowess and songwriting abilities on track eight "I Need You (Come On Let's Go)."

On the current front, EverBlue has been recruited to open for Allman Brothers band member Les Dudek at The World Famous Malibu Inn on March 16, 2007. The quartet has recently been chosen Spotlight Artist of the Week from Likewise, during the week of Feb. 26, 2007, the band won several awards from
Best Male Vocals overall and in the Blues Rock catagory
Best Guitars overall and in the Blues Rock catagory
Best Production and Best Mood in the Blues Rock catagory
EverBlue will also be featured on the website's Track of the Day on March 4, 2007.

EverBlue's independent debut CD can be obtained through CD Baby, iTunes,, Myspace and as well as the band's official website.To support the release of EverBlue's new album, the band is in the planning stages of a major US tour.

For more information on EverBlue visit the band's website: and
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