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Erin Adkisson
Erin Adkisson

Oregon, United States

Folk / Indie Rock

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Singer/songwriter Erin Adkisson is ready to move beyond the Portland music scene and share her musical talent with the world. Her music combines elements of folk, jazz and blues with a sassy, independent twist on femininity.

Unlike most singer/songwriters, Adkisson was raised in a conservative house where she was home-schooled for many years. She found solace in the company of her neighbor’s Shetland ponies and, later on, in music through her involvement in the church choir.

She left her home to study theater in college. There, she loved, lost and found herself. “It was like getting hurt flipped a switch in me,” she says of the experience.

Adkisson released her debut album, Believe In Me, in 2007. The album contains influences such as Tori Amos (“Falling Down”) and Nina Simone (“Jeebuzz”) and has a strong personal focus. “My lyrics are based on my roots as a shy country girl,” she explains, “and goes through my experience that set me free to be a fearless singer.”

Erin Adkisson recently recorded a duet album with Kirk Duncan and is working on her next album.
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