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Eric Boff
Eric Boff

North Carolina, United States

Indie Pop / Instrumental Pop

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Eric Boff is a rare breed in the world of music. At twenty-one, Eric knows the history and evolution of popular music since the early 1950s. He has also studied guitar for five years, focusing mainly of blues and rock. When Eric starts strumming on his acoustic, he sticks to mostly jazz licks, but is always willing to throw whatever he can in the mix. Erics almost encyclopedic knowledge of music history is a great advantage. By knowing where other musicians have been, he has a clearer idea of where he wants to go and how to incorporate what has already been down. Some musicians bust out the doors thinking theyre funky fresh, only to realize their sound is played out. Eric avoids these problems by keeping tabs on whats out there and topping it with his own imaginative style.
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