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Envy Insane
Envy Insane

Virginia, United States

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

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Well how did it all begin? It started with the love of music and five guys who live and breath it!!! Who in every way,shape and form try to express that love for everyone to see!
Early spring the year 2005 there was definitely a hint of chemistry in the air, as "envy insane"began to form. It felt as if it was mean't to be or something along those lines. Since that day the band has traveled as far as Hollywood to play the historical "Whisky a-go-go" but not before the very first gig played at the Agora Ballroom in beautiful Cleveland Ohio. Many shows and many good times have been had in that short time. The band looks forward to every new day and every show hoping to find what ever it may be that we strive so hard for!!!!

Remember our Insane friends: Embrace the Envy...Breed the Insanity
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