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Storm the Halls
#45 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
Storm the Halls
The Product EP
Metal / Hard Rock
Length: 4:10
On Network Since Nov 14, 2007
The Product
#122 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
The Product
The Product EP
Metal / Hard Rock
Length: 3:51
On Network Since Nov 14, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist EnemyUS

Alberta, Canada

Metal / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

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Enemyus is a band based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Originally formed in April 2006 with current members lead guitarist Warren Immiker, vocalist Rob Mier, and bassist Justin Goran. Enemyus took some time to get the right mixture of musicians to get the powerful sound we have today and in November 2006 we found an amazing drummer that completed our music, Parker Boyd. With the Addition of our drummer our 4 piece band was complete, and Enemyus continued to write better and greater music as their true sound began to take shape, each new song better then the last.

In the Calgary music scene Enemyus is a well respected band with a passionate fan base, with every new show making new fans thanks to a great live show, pounding music and energy on stage.

On Dec. 15th 2007 Enemyus is officially releasing its first ever studio EP Featuring 5 of their greatest songs.

In January 2008 Enemyus welcomed its 5th and final member, Daryn Kreppi, as second guitarist

Band Members:
Rob Mier on Vocals
Justin Goran on Bass
Warran Immiker on Guitar
Daryn Kreppi on Second Guitar
Parker Boyd on Drums
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