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I will follow my dream
#25 in International SongVault Auditions
I will follow my dream
Length: 3:05
On Network Since Apr 14, 2008
Ella x
Ella x

CH-UK, Switzerland

Modern / Experimental

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A Freelance Model , also Sing-Produce-Songwrite her own UNIQUE EuroStyle gengre of Trance-New Age -Pop -World perhaps spirituel as some tune do sound enigmatic , angelic by adding her soft yet sexy vocal ,it become always an Masterpiece of Evoke tunes , which are perfect catered for Commercial Ella tunes are UNIQUE each of them are very adaptable from mellow to progressive . Already labeled the hottest Producer in the South with an mystic ,sexy feminine touch Ella add : Thank you for those who call me Beauty but everyone is beautiful in their own way ,Beauty comes from within does not matter who or where you are we create our own World and everything is beautiful as Nature create it ,well check more sites of Ella Ella submit new tunes updating weekly.......’s personal Site , a good mix from the mellow & experimental tunes............. as from Itunes u can download her latest tunes to relax or chill ...............
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