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elizabeth taylor
elizabeth taylor

Arizona, Australia

Adult Alternative / Goth

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Mastering the Art of Selecting VVS or VS Diamonds: A Comprehensive Guide by DIAMOND TRENDS 

When choosing a diamond with exceptional clarity, VVS and VS diamonds are among the top contenders. These diamonds' minimal imperfections offer breathtaking beauty that captivates even the most discerning eye. As a reputable authority in the diamond industry,Diamond Trends blog is here to provide you with a deeper understanding of VVS and VS diamonds, allowing you to make an informed decision when selecting the perfect gem for your cherished moments.

VVS (Very, Very Slightly Included) and VS (Very Slightly Included) diamonds boast a level of clarity that is truly remarkable. Even trained professionals armed with a jeweler's loupe find it challenging to detect the subtle blemishes present in these diamonds. Regarding visual value, both VVS and VS diamonds appear eye-clean to the naked eye, making their clarity equally appealing to the unaided observer. However, the key differences between these two grades lie in the size, number, location, and nature of their inclusions. It is essential to recognize that clarity grading considers all these factors rather than solely considering the quantity or size of inclusions.

VS diamonds generally exhibit a higher number of inclusions, although exceptions do exist. The comprehensive grading process considers all five factors, meaning that a VS diamond may possess fewer inclusions than a VVS diamond. However, these inclusions could be strategically located in the crown's center or comparatively larger. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that none of these inclusions are visible to the naked eye; they can only be discerned by a professional under 10x magnification.


While both VVS and VS diamonds exude brilliance and allure, certain scenarios call for a closer examination of VVS diamonds over their VS counterparts. One such instance is when seeking a specific cut or shape. Step-cut diamonds, characterized by large, rectangular facets like emerald and Asscher cuts, shine brightest at higher clarity grades. The expansive, open facets create a transparent expanse that accentuates a diamond's clarity and color, elevating them above its sparkling brilliance. This increased transparency also allows for a more detailed view of the diamond's interior, making any inclusions more noticeable.

Additionally, VVS options may come to the forefront when exploring larger diamonds. As carat weight and size increase, the available inventory diminishes significantly, particularly in the 3-carat and higher range due to lower demand. After meticulously narrowing down your options based on cut quality and color - two aspects of paramount importance in larger diamonds - you may discover that VVS diamonds become the preferred choice, given the limited availability of suitable options in lower clarity ranges.


Selecting an engagement ring is an odyssey comprising countless small decisions that culminate in the perfect symbol of love. Armed with the knowledge of VVS and VS diamonds and with a focus on finding the best eye-clean diamond for your preferences, you can confidently navigate this journey without hesitation. Diamondtrends guides you every step of the way, ensuring that your cherished moments are adorned with a diamond that captures the essence of your love and devotion.

In conclusion, the world of VVS and VS diamonds is a realm of pristine beauty, where subtlety meets brilliance and each gem exudes a mesmerizing allure. With a deep understanding of their distinctions and applications, you can make the perfect choice for your special occasion. Allow Diamond Trends to be your trusted companion on this journey as we help you find the diamond that will forever symbolize your love and commitment. Let the brilliance of your chosen gem reflect the brilliance of your love story.
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