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Elizabeth Knaack
Elizabeth Knaack

Missouri, United States

Soft Rock / Lullabies

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This is my first published work.
Yes it needs work, and a crisper recording,
I know.I just needed to get it out and
recieve from any listeners feedback of
this song. This song is available for
resale either the tune or the sheet music,
just contact me for information.

Song History: Based on the poem:
"Song for a Fifth Child",
by Ruth Hulbert Hamilton abt 1958.

Why I put it music: 13 years ago, after
I had my fifth child, a sweet elderly friend
at church recited this beautiful poem to
me. It touched my heart immediately
and I could hear the music in it's lilting

Songs Purpose and Message:

To remind mom's to just chill
a moment and to enjoy that
tiny little life they have, for time
slips by all too quickly and
transforms babyhood to
childhood in a blink of an eye.
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