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Eliot Popkin
Eliot Popkin

Los Angeles
California, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Adult Alternative

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After a critically-acclaimed debut, Eliot Popkin took a few years off to write what will be his breakthrough album into mainstream, entitled "Endless Ride." With a fine supporting cast including Grammy-nominated Producers (Juan Gabriel) and seasoned session and live players (James Taylor, Chaka Khan), Popkin delivers a fine 11-song collection of pop and acoustic rock gems. From the infectious title track, to the painfully beautiful "The Reason Why" to the acoustically simple "You've Got Love", there isn't one misstep here. The arrangements never go fully over the top, allowing for Popkin's expressive voice to weave in and out of stories of relationships, family, childhood, spirit and life. This is a fine balance of an artist taking some chances and stretching themselves, while still giving mainstream radio something juicy and memorable. Radio and movie soundtracks get ready, this is one to watch in 2007. The ride, will indeed, be endless.
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