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Connecticut, United States

Indie Pop / Techno

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EL's voice is different alright, powerful and hauntingly beautiful combined with sultry whispers, passionate lyrics and music with an edge, varying melts of Dance, Alternative Pop, Rock, Techno, Electronic and New Age.

EL has released the Forbidden Love video on April 29th, 2006

EL, mentored by Movie Director, Demian Lichtenstein (3000 Miles to Graceland) released the "Forbidden Love" video in collaboration with Wayne Barneschi owner of the "Trail of Terror", This video is the first in a series of media to tell a dark tale...

"Forbidden Love" hit #1 on's Pop and Electronic Charts

"Forbidden Love" was selected for the Winter Music Conference CD 2005 held in South Beach, Miami, Florida.

"My Inspiration" reached #2 on Billboardtalentnet radio. EL became #6 favorite artist on the site, which appeared in Billboard Magazine.

"White Rabbit" first aired on WSAM in West Hartford, CT. 106.3 FM, the DJ Paulie Show, syndicated on 417 radio stations in the US and Canada.

EL is currently filming a Dark TV Show she is Author and Executive Producer which will feature music from her upcoming CD.
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