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Eddie Kane
Eddie Kane

Pennsylvania, United States

Urban / Singer/Songwriter

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Bringing it straight from the streets of York City, this artist/arranger delivers a diverse collection of hits on his debut mixtape on the Sankofa Entertainment label. Laying down tracks since he was a young boy, Eddie Kane, has always wanted the opportunity to let the world hear his music. And now he expresses himself with a collection of Urban/R&B songs with elements of hip-hop, neo-soul and street melody added to the mix to create the soulful "HoodVision" mixtape.

His mixtape "HoodVision" catches you from the start with his smooth song, "Bugging" . This is a track that really showcases the arranging skills that Eddie Kane possesses. "Stop Lying" is another standout track that promises to generate great commercial appeal and tells an intricate story about " a girl he once tried to get at in the past, and she said no. Now that he is famous she is telling everybody, that she knows him and she needs to stop lying.

His calling is music and he embraces his songs with a passion only comparable to the sounds heard from some of the most impressive R&B artists in the business. Through his growth with legendary group Dru- Hill and working with The Roc producers, Flip Mode Squad and a new song on Beenie Segals new album, he is ready to give you that old soul that you'll been missing.

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