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Lovely Lady
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Lovely Lady
Baby I'm Sorry
Length: 4:55
On Network Since Sep 15, 2008
dRony Dumas
dRony Dumas

Alabama, United States

Soul / Rock

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At seventeen years old and a senior at Auburn High School (Auburn, Alabama) dRony got his first opportunity to perform with a well organized group. He accepted an invitation to play with a well known Gospel Quartet, The Dynamic Twin Spirituals of Opelika, Alabama. That engagement lasted ten years and the things dRony learned during that time sustained him well enough for him to fit in and play with other professionals in various other settings.

After twenty-two years as a public servant, dRony retired and began to pursue a music career. He auditioned for a position with Legendary Blues Artist, Ronnie Lovejoy and was chosen for the position of Bassist and Band Leader. After the death of Mr. Lovejoy, dRony auditioned for Super Star Artist, Marvin Sease and was chosen for the position of Guitarist and Band Leader. He said working for Mr. Sease was a very educational experience.

dRony started building dRonyMusic Groupô in 2005. He produced projects for Lois Hicks (I Want To Love You Tonight) and Melanie Dumas (Miss You Wanna Kiss You). His own projects "Baby I'm Sorry" was recently launched and is expected to do well. With all things considered, dRony considers songwriting and composing to be his greatest musical asset. He is... the keeper the key to "The Songwriter's Vault."
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