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Long Island
New York, United States


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This Sybil of musical creativity, known as Drea, is one of the hottest up and coming singer, songwriter, producers on the east coast. While her years on this earth are few, the directions in which her life has traveled are many aiding in her ability to possess her varying musical personalities.

“My life today is much different than I envisioned it to be while living home in Troy (AL). After becoming a music director at a church, I would have thought that would have been it. I wanted more, and I thought my relocation to Fayetteville (NC) and playing at a mega church would have satisfied what I was longing to accomplish, but I then moved to NY and God has continued to bless me in all that I do by expanding my exposure to life and music.”

Music has always been the driving force for this young musician; from the age of 14 Drea has been accompanying her first artist, her dad in her home state of Alabama. The church prepared her in her gift of songwriting, performing, and production as she has worked with countless choirs, groups, and independent gospel artists. While her dad, Artis Baxter remains to be her favorite singer to work with, Drea has played for Grammy nominated gospel songwriter Becky White, Dorothy Norwood, Kennedy Atkinson former MD of Arrested Development, and many others. While the lyrics may be different from what you hear today, Drea brings along her gospel jazz chords which will always be her signature.

Looking to diversify her style Drea began playing with a rock band after arriving to Long Island, NY in 2004. She then took things a step further and continued her education for the first time formally studying music, at the prestigious Boston University School of Music to achieve her Doctorate in Music Education.

“I had never formerly studied music that is theory so it was a gamble applying to BU (Boston University) with a B.S. in Marketing from UA (University of Alabama), and a Masters of Education from AIU (American Intercontinental University). Here was this young student with no formal studies in the mix with music professors from around the world. That is what I call blessed!”

Needing to get closer to her roots Drea took a leap of faith and discovered an artist to bring to life songs she had written over 5 years prior. This then lead to her forming a performance duo with Barbie Mignot, now called Café con Leche. Progressions of Love E.P. is the title of the project and while the scheduled release is in the fall of 2007, already they have had rave reviews and fans looking to purchase the project prior to the release date. Her style has been likened to that of the multitude of artists that have influenced her throughout her career; Kim Burrell, Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliot, and Sergio Mendez just to name a few. No matter what the project is, all of Drea’s productions have been described as being, “what true music sounds like and you getting a heavy dose of it” Austin Jeter, Urban Mainstream Magazine

Balancing the many projects Drea is involved in, her solo career, Café con Leche, and the creation of her independent label SoundDoc Entertainment, founded in the summer of 2007 continues to give this producer the inspiration and drive to make her mark on history.
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