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Dre Dai
Dre Dai

Georgia, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Dondrea Lamont Geter, artist known as “Dre Dai”, was born on September 10th, 1980 in Vidalia, Georgia. Born into a family of educators, Dre learned early the importance of education and the influence it had on the positive enhancement of living conditions and life-styles of this generation. About a decade ago, the 26 year old started out in a group called Nhyme (Negro Hymns Youth Must Experience). The group consisted of four members, who were all immediate family; put together a catalog of creative, innovative classics that displayed true hip-hop elements of knowledge and education in their music. The influences of Out Kast, Goodie Mob, UGK and others growing up, help to mold a sound that was pleasant to the common street audience as well as the respectable commercial industry. Dre Dai, acronym standing for “Dre does it as is”, brings an educated, college frat boy element that is essential to the original hip-hop game. Today, as the game continue to be bombarded by simple lyrics and catchy beats, Dre has managed to keep his lyrics positive and meaningful, while at the same time showing his ability to move the club crowd. Currently Dre Dai resides in Macon, GA, about 80 miles south of Atlanta. He is currently working on his Doctoral degree in education as he plans to not only create more good music, but to create a movement in the hip-hop game that is lead by an education initiative. When asked who in the rap game today he is most influenced by, he stated Kanye West. As Dre would say, music means the world to people, so he plans to help heal the world through music.
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