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Doug Evans
Doug Evans

Virginia, United States

HipHop / Rap

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The idea of ‘ underground hip hop ‘ almost seem unjust. So much lyrical talent goes unrecognized, because artists aren’t interested in accumulating absurd amounts of ‘’ bling ‘’ or Cristal. Instead, they’re about making honest statements and constructing melodies to complement their poetic thoughts. However, these artist are probably considered ‘’ underground ‘’ for a reason, with their music symbolizing buried treasure. With that in mind out of Petersburg, VA , perplexing rhymes and symp- honic melodies are being tightly composed and well delivered underground. Behind these down-to-earth sounds is hip hop/ soul group Soul Logistics. Soul Logistics is a hip hop / soul coalition gear to bring back some substance and creativity to the music world. A brain child of Doug Evans [ formally of the group Bu Bonic Plague ] Soul Logistics was formed in mid 2006 , when Doug called up long time friend/emcee Link Haze [ Guillotine X ,U.F.C ] with a idea of recording a super side project together with songwriter, producer, and performer Rodney [ the soul singer ] Stith. On March 2 , 2007 the group drop there mixtape/compilation ‘’Soul Logistics Radio ‘’ fans looking for a group that abuses the words ending in ‘’ izzle ‘’ should probably steer clear of Soul Logistics, that unless they’re willing to crossover into a respected realm of spoken word, thought-provoking lyrics and placid instrumental orchestration
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