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Through the Veins
Length: 2:33
On Network Since May 3, 2009
Dostah Shilailee
SongVault Certified Artist Dostah Shilailee

Hudson Valley
New York, United States


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I create booty-shaking beats for androids, music for gothic pornos, and strange soundscapes for the subconscious. I've been perfecting my craft since 1998, making music in random basements across America. I remained largely under the radar due to a lack of funds and resources, plus the fact that my music is often too creative to be properly understood, even by the heaviest of drug users. The absence of an audience never hindered my creativity. I continued to compose and record unheard electronic masterpieces.

In late 2008, I decided to present my greatness to the world. I released two albums, After Midnight and Through the Veins. The response was minimal, however, there was somebody paying attention. On February 2, 2009, my now infamous remix "Make You Grind" was featured on The Colbert Report. On the map for less than three months and I got my music on cable television.

Now that I am a superstar, what are my plans for the future? I'll definitely be looking for more ways to infringe upon copyright laws. It's done wonders for me so far. I'll also be pursuing further placements in film and TV, and doing collaborations with other artists that need a little career boost. I have an album that's been finished for over a year but won't be released until fall, and I'm working on new material to be released before that. Hey, some people bust their ass everyday to keep taking baby steps; others get on TV with their first step. What can I say? Life is crazy. I'm just providing the soundtrack.

After reading this, you may be thinking that Dostah Shilailee is just some obscure egomaniac with an unintelligible name to match his inaccessible music. Either you are completely correct, or your inability to detect sarcasm is most unfortunate.
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