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All Songs Broken Dreams Broken Drreams
The Gooduns Gettin Good
#66 in Country SongVault Certified
The Gooduns Gettin Good
Country Western
Length: 2:37
On Network Since Aug 16, 2011
Carrying Memories
#149 in Country SongVault Certified
Carrying Memories
Broken Dreams
Country Western
Length: 2:50
On Network Since Jul 24, 2009
Broken Dreams
#181 in Country SongVault Certified
Broken Dreams
Broken Drreams
Country Western
Length: 4:36
On Network Since Jul 24, 2009
Donna Ray
SongVault Certified Artist Donna Ray

Louisiana, United States

Country Western / Classic Country

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Singer / Songwriter Donna Ray

To know her is to love her. Donna Ray's stage appearance has the crowds clapping to the music they enjoy to hear, and that is Classic Country Music. Her performance has gifted her with the name the Sweetheart of the Louisiana Hayride. Donna Ray enjoys singing to the people, not only is she good at her stage appearance she is good at what she has accomplished in her career.

Today Donna Ray's "Broken Dreams". written by Donna, On this page is a song that was Recorded by Donna called This Winters Day, written by the talented Ed Gowens of Echota Records, Donna has many songs on her new CD written by Ed Gowens and the very lovely Loraine Washburn, Songs include, Little White Lies, Dagger through my Heart, Picking up the Pieces of my Mind, Todays Another Day, and many more. These songs can be heard on Donna Rays Soundclick an also Ed Gowens, Loraine Wasburns Soundclick and through out the world on Internet Radio Stations. Today Donna Ray is Signed with Echota Records and her Album Broken Dreams has been released on Echota Records Label.

Since then Donna Ray has reached a level of Radio Stations through out the World.

Donna Ray Says: When I look into the audience I can tell what the crowd wants to hear and that is Classic Country Music. When I see them tapping there feet and clapping there hands that tells me I am making them happy and that I have accomplished a smile out of people.

Echota Records calls her the Dynamic of Traditional Country Music a must see.
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