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summer days
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summer days
family portraite
Length: 5:27
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donald dean
SongVault Certified Artist donald dean

New York, United Kingdom

Electro / Soul

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a few words about me "hm" well im a musicion songwriter producer i write and produce all my own matirial and play all the instruments iv been in music since i was a kid played in many different bands and genres my head musically is in many places my aim is to fuse a soundscape of ambient electro/acc soul with jazzy rock overtones infusing affro latin rythems in short as in life same in music the only bounderies are our own imaginations
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Organic & Appealing!
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From the UK comes a swirling sound of electro-jazz mixed in with Afro-Latin grooves. Donald Dean (aka Dean) fuses ambient with soul to create this sensual project that is both appealing and aurally pleasing. FAMILY PORTRAITE is a big picture project about life and humanity with commentary running throughout that offers an opportunity for listeners to pause and reflect. The artist says, “There are not boundaries in music, the only limits are our own imaginations.” Dean’s imagination appears to be vast as he is the sole composer and producer on FAMILY PORTRAITE. If you’re a fan of Zero 7 or Air, you’ll totally get into Dean. “Summer Days” is a grand feat with top-notch engineering, tasty Fender Rhodes keyboards, alluring sax work, organic beats and a sizzling female vocal track. Other songs that stand out on this project include the soul stirring “Everyday;” the poignant “Storm A Brewin’” floats in a vocal layer over an industrial vibe (“it’s who we are, not where we’ve been”); the soulful “The Price We Pay” is an ambient piece that just may bring the hairs on the back of your neck straight up; and Dean’s sax work on “Magic” has a Van Morrison feeling to it reminiscent of Van’s own playing on songs like “Spanish Steps.” For us here in the U.S. Dean captures the Euro Chill sound with his soulful approach to electronica and nu jazz, creating a very organic sound that fits beautifully into our Smooth Lounge! ~SANDY SHORE

there are many mansions in my head
true not all the rooms are in the right places
but still i would rather be me
because while your locked in your virtual reality
i can see the sky and smell the sea
the mirror may be cracked
but its still a reflection of me that i see

on june the 6th at 2pm eastern standerd time artist first world radio will be doing an hour long feature on my music and a live interview so if you want to know who i am listen in at or

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Dean - Family Portraite
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