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don money
don money

Texas, United States

HipHop / Rap

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$$$$$ The streets are talking!! “Don Money;” real name “Thomas Dirden” who is a young man known in his hood ; “Acres Homes, Tx” as “Tha Don!” Born in Houston on the Northside of the city but also lived on the Eastside of Denver also! Don Money is the streets! His life is a blessing and a curse! The soul of his music stems from his mother’s musical background. Family comes first in his life! Growing up next door to a member of Destiny Child, Money has always played a part in the Music World at a young age, but the Drug Life had it’s hand on his soul TUFF!! Don Money has done music and worked with all Houston’s biggest labels! “Tha Don” has appeared on showcase with the games best: Too Short, Scarface, UGK, Trae, Zro, MJG and 8 Ball, Ying Yang Twins, E-40, Plies, Slim Thug, and a plethora of others! Simply put; “This Boy Be Puttin in Work!” His music is the total package which he says quote on quote; “ I’m Houston’s Savior right now and I am a living legend with the Queen Mafia on his side; his mother; which is his backbone. With his self titled debut album called; “ EVERYBODY LOVES MONEY;” scheduled for release sometime in 2009, the album has already gotten 6 mics from da streets!! Mafia Life Entertainment is his world and T.M.G. is his family! He says it proudly; “ My niggas are military minded individuals that take accountability for his/her own actions. Family first by any means. And he says ; “ I am THA DON and I’m surrounded by MADE MEN!” Don Money is the name with a unique, conceited, confident, brilliant; but dangerous approach to the world of hip-hop. He has already proven longevity in the Entertainment and music world; “Just look at him!” $$$$$
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