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Colorado, United States

Urban / Rhythm & Blues

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Dom was born on June 6, 1988 the youngest of four brothers to Tony and Kimball Lindsay in Denver, Colorado. As the baby of the family, Dom was destined for success; surrounded by successful older siblings and as the son of a former pro athlete, it was only natural that he would be successful himself. Like a few of Dom's vocal role models Donnie Hathaway, Dino Conner, Luther Vandross, and Johnny Gill, Dom began singing in the gospel choir at church. Dom's vocal strength, control and mature tone were first realized when he graduated from the Christ Church Apostolic Youth Choir to the Adult Choir at the age of 7.

By the age of 12 Dom had begun his musical quest for stardom. Under the guidance and tutelage of his father Tony, Dom began to perform live shows at a number of different venues. Dom's ability to immolate Stevie Wonder's Ribbon in the Sky, and H- Towns Emotions resulted in Dom's first following, proving that his stage presence, voice and image appealed to people of all ages. The crowds loved, and marveled at Dom's powerfully harmonious voice of a grown man coming from the body of an adorable adolescent.

Dom's vocal talent enticed him to embrace his love of not only singing other peoples songs, but of music altogether. So, he began taking piano lessons, and studying music theory. He then began to write his own lyrics and produce his own songs, which, in turn led him to writing, producing and engineering for other upcoming artists.

In the summer of 2003, Dom participated in his first tour that began in Phoenix, Arizona, and ended in Atlanta, Georgia. He has opened for nationally known artists, such as Keith Sweet, Aaron Carter, Lil John and the East Side Boyz, and Pastor Troy and the Militia Al-stars.

In 2003 Dom went on a promotional tour, called the Network of Life Motivation Tour. This campaign created an enormous buzz around Colorado Schools and generated a solid audience among his peers. His participation in this promotional tour has resulted in the motivation, cultivation, and encouragement of his peer group to excel and achieve their personal goals. Dom was also featured in the Denver 2004 Russell Simmons Hip Hop Summit. This summit also generated additional publicity not only in recognition of Dom's talent, but also provided a venue in which youth were encouraged to participate by registering to vote in the Presidential Election

Dom has performed for various Colorado Sports Hall of Fame inductions for the National Basketball Associations (NBA), the Denver Nuggets Basketball Team, the Colorado Rockies Professional Baseball Team, and a number of sports venues in his hometown of Denver. Collectively Dom has performed for more than 75,000 people.

Additionally Dom's music was premiered on the Denver Radio Station KS 107.5 during radio promotion of the 2004 Summer Jam Series. The Summer Jam hosted over 2000 fans with Dom opening for J-Kwan and the Youngbloods. On Labor Day weekend 2004 Dom was featured as the opening act for the sold out concert showcasing the Big Tymers, Ying Yang Twins, Baby Bash, Lil Scrappy, and other various artists. Dom was again featured as a new artist by KS 107.5 in 2005.

Dom has entered the music industry with a BANG!!! He has given a glimpse of his future success through his natural abilities, his awesome stage presence, dynamic dance routines and dedication to his fans. Given Dom's current success his now poised to further enhance his music career, and is open to locate the right people to acknowledge and support his talents.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Quote from Legendary Group Member GI of the Group H-Town:

I met Dom briefly when we (H-Town) came to Denver, CO for a show in early 2006. However, we did not connect until 10 months later. Dom found me on MySpace. I listened to his demo and without another thought I signed him to my company, GI Entertainment. He has that IT factor. Dom has that look and powerful voice that no one can deny and the ladies love him. Its rare to find a talent where males and females alike love the music and the style of an artist.
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